• Donavon Frankenreiter visits Redwood Surf Shop in Croyde Bay, UK

The world famous Billabong rider, Donavon Frankenreiter visited Redwood Surf Shop, Croyde Bay on Saturday 21st June. Donavon's visit to the store was planned to be a small scale shop signing to promote his new album which he would be playing as the headline act that evening at the Gold Coast Ocean Festival. The small shop signing soon became a very Large signing with over 400 attendants that wanted all manner of articles signing. Some people took album's and postcards to be signed, others took surf and skate boards, Guitars and.... Camper vans?
Even though the local traffic was virtually stopped for 1&1/2 hours every one had fun, including Donavon "It's so cool to see all these kids stoked on my surfing and music".