• Escape To Cuba

Escape To Cuba

Once again we're going away to explore the world with our travel ambassadors Camille and Amanda from Un duvet pour deux. This time they are taking us to the colorfull island of Cuba for an incredible trip made of music, piña colada and white sand beaches.

"After our trip in Central America, it was time to head to North America to discover an island full of colors... Cuba!

This island is unique. During this journey, we really tried to talk with the Cubans, as we wanted to avoid the tourist traps and experience a truly authentic change of atmosphere.

We couldn’t wait to land in the beautiful city of La Havana and we were not disappointed at all! We can’t talk about Cuba without mentioning the music… cause it’s everywhere. In shops, restaurants, cars, or even when you walk down the street, all you can hear is the rhythmic beat of music.

We loved to hang around in the many pedestrian areas, and observe the architectural contrasts that make La Havana so unique. Nothing in the world is comparable; the mix of styles is only found from Cuba and the wilted façade brings a dreamy touch to the place.

We love to chill about, and simply observe life around us. We find a cool bar, and order a delicious pina colada. Here, everything is colorful, from the drinks to the cars to the buildings and the locals' outfits. Even when we have dinner there is warm colors on our plate with the red lobster and vegetables, and bright hues in our mojito.

This restaurant is owned by French guy and is called the SIA KARA CAFÉ. And funny thing, he’s from Bayonne! I'd recommend you should go, as it’s a cool place to meet world travellers and the Cuban youth.

After three days in Havana, it was time to leave and head in the direction of Vinales. Being a nature lover to catch a sunrise in Palmerito Valley took our breath away.

Setting off in the early morning and after walking four hours we felt like we deserved the amazing show. We stayed voiceless, dazzled by the natural beauty of this place. It felt like time had stopped, as mist and sun greeted each other.

We then kept walking in the valley. There are a lot of activities to be done here such as horse riding, climbing, bicycle and excursions. Once again you’ll find “vitamins house” like this pink one here.

Both exhausted and energized we then headed towards the colonial city of Trinidad.

In Trinidad, nothing has changed. When you’re there it feels like travelling in a time machine. The architecture here is so old and beautiful, it reminds me my high school history lessons.

While a favorite for tourists, we did discover the place to be at night time: La Taberna Botija. It's rather obvious it is a very good restaurant when you see the number of people waiting outside.

Our time was running out all too quickly but we have just enough to enjoy Cuba's wonderful white sand beaches. The most beautiful beach in Cuba is without hesitation Cayoguillermo. The water is so clear you can see little fish swimming between your toes.

This is the view from our hotel: SOL CAYO GUILLERMO.

For the Pink Floyd fans: there are hundreds around the hotel.

We ended this chapter in Cuba again with good memories that will last a lifetime. It truly is a magical, musical island that allows you imagination to travel back in time, as you love life in the present."

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