• Escape To Hawaii - Part 1

Escape To Hawaii - Part 1

For the second episode of our Escape series our ambassador Sandrine from the blog Sunrise Never Ends went to Hawaii to get some tropical vibes, palm trees and sunshine. How about you spend the day with her in Honolulu ?

"There’s only one place to start, the Surf Jack. Lets leave the hotels on the seafront to the tourists, and discover with a new nugget of Hawaiian hotel just two blocks from the beach. Just opened, this "mid century" style hotel is the new benchmark for the Hawaiian creative scene, and all the shoots and most hyped parties on the island take place around the Surf Jack’s swimming pool.

Post swim it’s time to head to the famous Waikiki Beach. You can choose between a longboard or Stand Up Paddle in the turquoise waters of the bay, or a spot of sunbathing until the tourists invade our little stretch of early morning paradise.

For the curious, I suggest it would be then time to discover two palaces; the Moana Surfrider and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. In the Moana Surfrider make sure you visit the small, but fascinating museum dedicated to the early years of Waikiki. Post history lessons, the Pink Palace of the Pacific, aka Royal Hawaiian, is irresistible. Inside you can find one of the prettiest shops in Waikiki, with a great selection of designer pieces, and of course, the Billabong Surf Capsule neoprene wetsuits.

Shopping is hungry work, so for lunch we’ll head to Downtown and Chinatown, the new "places to be" in Hawaii. First though you have to stop in the new flower bar concept of Arvo/Paiko, where the talented Aussie photographer Mason Rose will serve with perfect Australian coffee. You can also order healthy food, the avocado sandwiches are my favorite and it was here and I discovered the Cold Brew, a cold but amazing coffee! This is also of the most famous florists on the island and on any given day, you will inevitably see one or two famous people in the area. Oh and their creative workshops and Sunday brunches are unbelievable!

Suitable caffeinated and fed, it’s time for a random wander. Downtown Honolulu has really come alive recently and has become a real arty place with frescoes everywhere. You can also follow the movement Pow Wow Hawaii, which lists the artists presents every week.

Then let’s go towards Chinatown, which is the oldest neighborhood in Honolulu with it’s low houses of the last century. Everything is more tropical, exotic and cool with creative shops in every corner.. My crush is the concept Owers&Co, and I defy you to go inside inside and not buy something, be it clothing, accessories, jewelry or the organic beauty products.

My second favorite is the vintage shop Vintage Barrio, Do you know the "mumus"? These are long dresses cut in the Hawaiian tissues of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The shop sells them, all in exceptional conditions and at a reasonable price. You'll find also Hawaiian shirts, jewelry and rare sublime Japanese silk kimonos.

With this program, your day will be spent at the speed of light, and soon it will be time to return to Surf Jack enjoy a delicious poolside cocktail, both delicious and designed to make everyone jealous on Instagram! Have a good night, and see you soon for a trip on the other side of the Island."

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