• Escape to Hawaii - Part 2

Escape to Hawaii - Part 2

We are back with our ambassador Sandrine from Sunrise Never Ends for the second part of our escape to Hawaii, this time she is taking us to Haleiwa and Kailua for some trendy shopping, healthy food and beautiful beaches.

"Today on our discovery tour of the North Shore we explore Haleiwa, and then head to Kailua on the East Coast.

Haleiwa is the only city in the North Shore, all be it a miniature one whose every day rhythm is designed by the sound of the waves. The landscape looks like a postcard; with wood houses painted with bright colors. It's also the only place on the coast where you can find shops. Restaurants, surf shops, nice little craft vendors; everything happens here.

First though you have to start the day at Haleiwa Bowls, a simple but unmissable wood hut, where you can have delicious acai bowls and fresh juice perfect to kickstart the day.

From there fully fueled up you simply choose from the range of heavenly beaches within five minutes from Haleiwa to take in some sun and surf. Post beach session you can have lunch in one of the many amazing food trucks that line the coastal Kam Highway. In Haleiwa itself, try the Beet Box Café, an amazing bio restaurant that Tara, aka Lady Slider, took us during her shoot.

Having had enough sun and delicious food, we might need to do some shopping. But first, we gonna quench our thirst with a bio lemonade at Wow wow Lemonade. They are delicious and the place is adorable.

Then it’s off to Number808, one of the prettiest shops on the island. This concept store brings together the most advanced brands, but you can also find books, or a selection of vintage goodies to die for!

The last absolute "must see" in this bohemian city however is the Green Room, which exhibits artists like Heather Brown, or Two Crows, who created the design on Tara's boards.

It's difficult to summarize Oahu in two parts, but for me Kailua, on the East Coast, does the job. Compared to Honolulu and Haleiwa, Kailua is like a little Beverly Hills. Kailua is a pearl set on a tranquil lagoon. Several influencers of the island live here, and it’s where we can find some of Oahu’s most beautiful places.

Our first stop is Olive boutique, for women, which is right beside Olivier Boutique, for men. These are two inspiring concept stores that offer a lot of choice. For lunch, I recommend Nalu. One again it's an organic restaurant, vegan, gluten-free blah-blah-blah, but it is healthy and delicious and the decor is lovely. You can even find a cold bottle of Purps, Kelly Slater's energy drink brand.

Finally, saving the best for the end we hit the super famous shop Aloha Superette. This is Jennifer Binney’s shop, the designer of the really famous wild surf print pouches acclaimed by all the fashionistas in the world including Garance Doré! Jennifer lives in a beautiful house placed directly on the lagoon, and it's here that she opened her store, inspired by a supermarket of her childhood.

Watch your credit card though, as it can catch fire in this shop if you're not careful. All the bags are here, in front of your eyes, but also jewelry, pottery and the very desirable collaboration with Jennifer Meleana, another local designer.

If you are like me and now don't have any money left, it's time to drink a last margarita before flying home with your feet still sandy and your head full of beautiful images that will last a lifetime."