• Escape to Montauk

Escape to Montauk

To properly celebrate a bikini-filled, sun-soaked summer coming to a close, Billabong hosted one last Summer Surf Party in Montauk Edition last August and invited one of our girls crush Marie-Laure from Le Monde est à Nous to travel as far East as we could to Montauk, New York - known as "The Last Resort". Here is the tale of her journey #letsmontaukaboutit

"I was surprised as anyone to discover that only three hour's drive from the Big Apple are a number of amazing surf spots. This summer I had the chance to spend few days on the East Coast discovering both these waves and the incredible surf culture that is thriving in New York City.

We arrived in NYC at the end of the day in stifling heat and there was drops of perspiration dripping off my comfy dress. Luckily our cab driver, after finding out we were beach girls, offered us a nice air-conditioned ride along the Atlantic ocean.

However the jet lag took effect in the car as the adrenaline wore off. It was four in the morning for us and I still remember that strange feeling. I was struggling against sleep, my head turning in all directions as daylight faded as we arrived at the hotel. Once in the room I went for a shower and I made the decision to snuggle under the duvet till the morning. I knew we had some waves to catch the next day on Long Island.

Our first stop was the Hamptons, located at the end of the south fork of Long Island. It was amazing to finally be in the place that I had only ever experienced watching TV shows as a kid. It's known as "The End" and is where the youth of New York like to party all summer long! Montauk, located next to the Hamptons, is charming and more relaxed.

My first morning in Montauk I was woken up by the purring of the ac ventilation, in an immaculate white room of the Montauk Solé East Resort. Through the blinds, the sun had just risen and was drawing beautiful shades on the wall. At this time the even the birds were still immersed in a deep sleep, but the sunrise invited me to start this new day with a real sense serenity.

The hotel was surrounded by a lush garden, a wooden deck, a swimming pool and a restaurant – with a cozy beach atmosphere created by driftwood, white fabric, surfboards and pebbles. I felt good right away. We ate a delicious breakfast before starting the first photoshoot of the day. The following days would unwind with the same sense of calm and wonderment.

We spent our days enjoying the great outdoors, taking bike tour along the cliffs, heading to the beach and surfing. I discovered that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places and that sometimes you have to get off the beaten track and be bold to find great spots.

Another highlight were the many pleasant shops you discover as your wind your way through the neighbourhood. Artists, designers and sculptures are all residents of a very creative community. As a bonus I also found the mythical album by Bob Dylan called Desire, in a vintage shop called Melet Mercantile, a real gem from 1975. (There's more information about this shop at the end of the article).

Between my meanderings I also participated in differents events, from lunches to parties where I met Billabong stylists, team riders, international bloggers and journalists from all over the world. Together we experienced beautiful sunsets, wonderful tasty and healthy cafés that seemed far removed from the cliché imagery of the Hamptons.

My advice is if you’re thinking of heading to New York, and you should be, make sure you save some days to take the road to "The Ends" and explore Montauk, it’s really worth it.

Beach Party Billabong,

Let's Montauk about it!

Summer Guide for the Hamptons


90 second house Rd, Montauk, NY 11954

This hotel offers a chic and refined atmosphere and comfortable beds. You can compose your own breakfast, the swimming pool is open all day long and the rental bike costs 30$ the day.


779 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954

Naturally Good is a café and a small green grocery store selling great food and coffee, to go or dine-in with acaï, spirulina, coconut water, crude seeds, chocolatea and fresh fruit. The pancakes with red berries are divine!


The Atlantic Terrace 21 Oceanview Terrace, Montauk NY 11945

Between two photoshoots I discovered this little marvel located in front of the ocean. I was attracted by the colorful fabrics, nice jewelry, embroidered bags and seashells. It is where we found a beautiful summer straw hat that I’m wearing in some pictures and a cute dress for my little princess.


752 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954

Traditional mexican recipes, authentic tacos and homemade tortillas, Tacombi is the place to be and you can be sure to have a great time, every time. Everything here is fresh, colorful, happy and the fresh juices are off the scale. From the shores of Mexico, Tacombi is exported in New York and now in Montauk.


786 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954

The Bluestone Lane is a coffee shop where you can have something to ego or dine-in. Coffee, gluten free snacks, smashed avocado and also their famous Iced Lattes with my favorute the Iced Moche Latte ! They also have an epic collection of surfboards to check out as well.


102 Industrial Rd, Montauk, Montauk, NY 11954

It’s in this vintage shop that I heard vinyl playing on the turntable and as a stroke of luck the vinyl was for sale. Since that moment, I couldn’t stay away from it and went everywhere on my trip with the vinyl under my arm for fear of breaking it in my suitcase. The shop also has great jewelry, vintage clothes, macramé, old magazines and interiors. In this shop you shall find your happiness. It was my great discovery!


2000 New York 27, Montauk, NY 11954

I have another crush that I’d like to share with you, but I will need another an entire blog post on it. Stay tuned!

The north of Long Island is an obligatory visit if you want to (re)discover New York in the middle of summer. Summer season also means you can travel light suitcase and leave loads of room to bring back some treasures."

Words by Marie-Laure Daillut from Le Monde est à Nous

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*Photos by Marie-Laure Daillut, Magdalena Kernan & Ladyslider