• Escape to Oregon

Escape to Oregon

This season we escaped to emerald forests, empty beaches and windswept waves in Oregon. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we still love to hear the stories for ourselves. We asked Chloé from the blog Conscious by Chloé about her move to Oregon and her love for this region, here is her story.

"After getting married at a drive-in in Vegas and spending one year in Southern California - where we opened a coworking space and a photo studio - Octave & I decided to leave everything behind, go on a month-long road trip up the Pacific Coast highway and move to Portland.

We had never been to Oregon before, but as soon as we crossed the state border, we were sold. Oregon is the perfect mixture of windswept beaches, snowy mountains, lush forests, dusty deserts and eco-conscious cities. And Portland is a great spot to settle down. Each neighborhood has a small village feel, but the city, with its buoyant music, art and food scene, has no reason to envy bigger cities.

The best way to slow down, get grounded and empty your mind is to reconnect with nature. We try to get away from our desks as much as we can to get some fresh air and go on adventures.

Octave got Charlie, a vintage Land Cruiser that he’s been refurbishing for a couple months. We usually just throw some food and clothes in a bag, hop on the truck and go on adventures, whether it’s to hike, snowboard or just sleep outside for a night.

Here are 5 spots you should check out during your next trip to Northern Oregon:

1. The coast

To me, nothing beats a secluded beach off-season. The fresh salty air in my face and the lonely walks in the wet sand just get me. Cannon Beach, Rockaway Beach & Cape Kiwanda a some of our favorite spots for wandering and picture taking.

2. The desert

When I first saw pictures of the Alvord desert, my mind was blown. Oregon really has it all, including dry and lunar landscapes. I still did not get a chance to go there, but I’m gonna check it off my to-do list pretty soon… And so should you!

3. The mountain

Mount Hood is Oregon’s Mount Fuji. You can see its white top in the background of every Portland postcard. It’s in our backyard and a week barely passes without Octave and I going on its trails for adventures. Snowboarding, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, you name it. This winter, we’re planning on climbing to the top with our split boards. Wish us luck!

4. Rivers

I grew up swimming in rivers, so this might also be a reason why I preferred Oregon to California. And Octave loves fly-fishing, which is pretty much how I convinced him to move to Oregon (or so I believe). The Deschutes River State Recreation Area is a pretty good spot to spend the day. Grab your swimsuit, put on your hiking boots, pack your lunch and head out there pretty early in the morning to reserve the best spots!

5. Lakes

Octave loves hiking, but prefers it when there’s a lake at the top… and so do I. I got us each an oversized pool float, so we can enjoy a relaxing swim at the end of a good long hike. Our favorite so far was in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness, we won’t tell you which one it was, you might find a better one by yourself.

One last thing…

Whenever you go in the wilderness, don’t forget this simple, but important rule:

Leave no trace.

Minimize your impact on nature by planning ahead, respecting wildlife, packing your trash out."

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Photos by Chloé Lepeltier & Octave Zangs (http://octavez.com)