Follow our Wandering Souls Angela and Ivan to the Island of Sao Miguel, in the Azores, Portugal. This couple from Lanzarote have united their passions for surfing, traveling and the audiovisual world so they can discover amazing places around the world and create incredible experiences & memories.

« What impressed us the most was the different shades of greens that the wonderful landscapes offered us at every corner of this island.

In contrast to this wild and green nature, we found spectacular black sand beaches that explained the volcanic origin of the island. We also loved the beaches of Mosteiros and Santa Barbara for their constant swell and great waves.

One of the most magical moment on the island was each day's sunrise. Waking up by the ocean in the middle of nowhere with this beautiful light and the sound of the waves was priceless. It is a memory that will remain forever in our memory.

Sao Miguel had never failed to surprise us. On the road, we found Terra Nostra Park, one of the most popular sites on the island. Natives and travelers from all around the world came to experience the hot and brown lake fed by a geothermal spring that come straight from the depths of the Earth via the ancient volcanoes.

This thermal pool is muddy brown because of its high concentration of iron and has steam rising from it making for a truly unique experience.

Also if you are planning to travel to Sao Miguel you need to experience Lagoa do Fogo. This lake provides an atmosphere of peace and serenity where the natural landscape, combines with the rich vegetation to make a wild beauty reign.

Finally as a great end to the trip, we visited the oldest tea plantation in Europe, Cha Gorreana. Not only did we tast some of the most amazing teas, it gave another insight into the culture and deep history of this fascinating island. »

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