• A Longboard Story By Ambre Victoire Damestoy

Hi Ambre! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Hello! I’m Amber, 25 years old and I’m very happy to share a little bit of my experiences with you.

I used to be a dancer but then I started travelling and needed to find another way of self-expression which included a lot of freedom. It’s with Surf and Yoga I’ve found my happy place. Through the complementarity of practicing both, I’ve discovered similarities with dancing regarding the way it made me feel. Flowing with the rhythm of the waves.

Longboarding has been a revelation during my trip on the East coast of Australia. There’s no better feeling than a nose ride, especially when the waves in this area are really made for it! There wasn’t a day when I couldn’t find a wave! Living in a place surrounded by a solid surf culture where you see people ripping with style on a daily basis was very inspiring.

After a couple of months cruising on the coast I finally settled in Byron Bay for a year and a half where I decided to follow a yoga teacher training class while also working in a surf shop. I really enjoyed balancing both disciplines.

Byron is also very cosmopolitan and embracing diversity. People from different cultures and backgrounds are sharing their passion for the ocean, nature, music and arts, and I’ve had the pleasure of surfing daily with amazing people.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

My mind is quite flexible in terms of adaptability and “going with the flow”. And what’s funny is that since my mind became more in tune with my body, I physically became much more flexible too!!

Authentic. It’s much easier to be your true self and attract the right people, than trying to be someone else. I believe that the world is a reflection of our perception, which makes us responsible of the environment we create around us.

Definitely curious when it comes to human nature just because I just love humans!

Surf & Yoga seem to have a specific place in your life. How did it become essential? What does it bring to you?

I always felt the need to express myself and I strongly believe in a therapy through movement. Since I’ve started travelling, I’ve discovered a different way of self-expression which has brought me a level of freedom that I’d never felt before. Being able to take your surfboard and yoga mat anywhere in the world is magic. Surf and yoga have definitely changed my life. These two disciplines became an anchor around which I am structuring my life. This is how I can connect deeper with others, with nature and myself. Both have a philosophy of life which helps me grow and learn on a daily basis.

From your experience, what advice would you give to women who would like to feel good about their body & themselves?

Your environment is a reflection of the way you choose to see the world and yourself. Your gut always tells you the truth so listen to it and just check which type of people you attract, the food you choose to put in your body, and the information you chose to digest. You’ll soon notice that everything which truly nourishes your body, mind and soul actually makes you happier and stronger.

Be you... Love yourself and let this energy flow through your body before spreading love all around you. There’s no need to be too attached to your appearance because there is so much more beyond your physical shell.

Also, try to connect to your body, mind and soul every day. It is a source of happiness and creates a beautiful harmony which makes you shine. Basically, move every day, the way you want to move, and learn every day the best way there is: by having FUN!

Vidéo : Alex Peneau et Max Garenne // Boilingpot

Photos : Alex Peneau