• Across The Moon - Josie Prendergast

For her first trip to Europe, Josie landed on the southwest coast of France in French Basque Country for a 4-days-trip with the Billabong crew. Hossegor’s beaches, cafes and weather made this location ideal for the wandering heart traveler like hers. Scroll on to learn more about her experience and to get a sneak peek of the shoot.

How could you sum up your experience in France in 3 words?

Sweet, fun and new

Tell us about a funny anecdote about your trip…

Riding bikes to and from the cute cafes with Pacha and flick, though getting lost.

What is your French favorite food? Did you try the famous combo red wine & cheese?

One of my favorite things is a cheese platter and a glass of wine. France for me topped my dreams of that combo. So good!

Some fashion tips or rituals you could steal from the Frenchies?

Neck scarf! Looks so beautiful on. And I even tried it on our shoot.

From what you’ve seen, how could you describe the French touch of ABKL?

It’s like morning coffees, sunrise and sunset surfs. Long surfs, local pastries and cute bikinis! That to me, sums up a French take on a bikini kind of life.

And the European surf culture?

Awesome! I loved the long boarding community in Biarritz and around Hossegor. I found there was a great mix of shortboarders and long boarders!

Tell us more about the behind-the-scene from the shoot with Marina…

I love marina, and it’s great to shoot with her also. Throughout our day we ventured to many locations-all of which were amazing and new to me. Stopped in between when the sun was too high for a nice smoothie at a cute cafe. Bathed in the sun across sand dunes and my favorite part was our sunset shoot at a beach only we were on. I admit the water was cold, but it was very pretty!

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