• Aloha Wander With Marina Alonso

Aloha Wander With Marina Alonso

Marina took her first trip in Hawaii back in December during the Pipe Masters.

She experienced the Aloha way of life, surfed the best spots, travelled across the island and spent time with the Billabong girls.

Scroll down to see her Hawaiian journey through the polaroid she brought back.

Marina, what was your first impression arriving on the island?

I tend to idealise every destination I’ve always wanted to go to. Upon my arrival at Honolulu airport, we were welcomed by a couple hula dancing and that was pretty scenic to start with.

I unapologetically love clichés.

Can you tell us your best memory from Hawaii?

It’s not a secret I love baby logging waves and surfing Waikiki with Josie on the first day was pretty exciting!

Getting lost with @cayleh.maree (BB AUS marketing queen) wandering around the East of the island on our last day was magic.

But overall, it was this sense of sisterhood with the team and the girls that made me feel the luckiest human alive.

Thank you, you hardworking inspiring humans ♥️

What was your favourite place on the island?

Lanikai beach hands down, it was somehow always sunny over there while it was pouring down all around the rest of the island.

Also, the area around Fishermen’s Hat, I kept going back there everyday.

Your favourite spot to surf?

Waikiki, sorry not sorry!

The best photo shoot?

Hard one! Shooting every day with a different team allowed me to spend some quality time with a lot of the girls and I loved it. I laughed my head off the entire day shooting with Flick and Nicole but also had a blast shooting Jos in the water. Muy difficult choice!

The best meal you had?

#1 must be when @risa.hoshino (local Hawaiian, our makeup artist and my ultimate guardian angel) brought Josie, Millie and I to this authentic Poke place further East called Fresh Catch in Kaneohe. You should all go there.

#2 Do yourself a favour and try Portuguese sausages next time you are in Hawaii.

Also check the Raised by the Waves café in Kahuku Sugar Mill owned by Malia Murphey and photog. Brooklyn Hawaii! Delish!

Which piece (s) of the collection did like to wear the most?

I spent almost everyday shooting in the water so the Salty Dayz springsuit ended up being my go-to. Also loved the “Feeling Salty” shirts we got, the very talented @sew.aloha hand embroidered our silhouettes on each of them - it’s definitely something I’ll treasure forever.