• Frederico Morais On Training And Staying Prepared

Frederico Morais On Training And Staying Prepared

The days of old are over. What days do we speak of? The days when being a professional surfer on the World Tour meant partying all night, waking up in a daze and somehow making it through heats due to sheer talent. Now not everyone took that approach, but when we compare today's World Tour surfers against those from a decade ago, the seriousness and attention to detail in and out of the water is currently much higher.

Frederico Morais is a World Tour rookie who pays plenty of attention, using time and care, and maximizes his talent in heats from what he practices during his off time. Here Frederico walks us through what his training and preparation is like amidst travel, while he's at home and more. The guy just got runner up at pumping Jeffrey's Bay, so we'll definitely take his word for it.

What’s your normal routine when you’re at home in Portugal?

It’s really simple. Basically I try to surf everyday and try to do one session in the gym depending on the program I’m working on at the time. Then, it’s just enjoying my free time with my family and friends. Obviously, enjoying Cascais and Lisbon, where I live, which are amazing places to visit, even being from here you always see something new or find out something new.

What exercises do you really focus on when training outside of surfing?

As actual surfing gives me the required cardiovascular fitness that I need my main focus outside of the water is on lower body strength and power development coupled with landing mechanics, stability and most importantly injury prevention. The amount of time dedicated to each area will vary depending on any areas that I may lack at that point in time, which is designed and implemented through regular sports science testing.

What’s it like when you’re leading up to an event? Do you try to relax or do you continue to train hard?

I still train leading up to events utilising the same principles, but there is a distinct drop in training volume with an increase in intensity. I try to maintain my strength levels with a clear objective to increase my speed and power as the event gets closer.

During an event waiting period are you solely surfing or are you continuing to train on off days?

As well as surfing, I have specific movement preparation circuits that are done everyday during events that incorporate soft tissue manipulation, mobility, stability and activation circuits. If there are lay-days called I will usually do some sort of physical training but this will involve short and simple total body speed and power circuits in order to keep my nervous system primed throughout the event.

How do you warm up for your heats?

I have my daily movement preparation routine but depending on time of day I compete, or if I have multiple heats, I have small changes and add-ons to my routine that aim to keep my body alert and primed. Just prior to a heat I have a more basic type warmup which is more to cater for the psychological aspects of competition.

After an event do you allow your body to rest or do you continue to remain active?

I will have a few days off but due to the nature of the tour there are only small opportunities throughout the year to maintain and build upon the physical improvements gained at the start of the year. I will liaise with my Strength and Conditioning Coach and we will develop a plan leading up to the next comp taking into consideration the next location and any other areas that we feel need to be further developed and built upon.