• Summer In France X Sincerely Jules

Summer In France X Sincerely Jules

Oui Oui for France in the summer. Blooming with fresh florals, busy beaches, postcard days and chasing waves…and plenty of good friends and great food (baguette, anyone?). It’s our kind of paradise beyond the island life and our little home away from home in the famed beachside town of Biarritz…

It’s a place teeming with culture where summer is truly alive this time of year. It’s magical place we had to take Julie Sariñana of @SincerelyJules after telling her all about it in Hawaii in December.

And thus spurred the idea of our Summer in France together to celebrate what we all love. #ForTheLoveOf …France, summer, surfing, friends, French cuisine, art, music, style and whatever sparks your fancy.

We ventured between the stunning Biarritz coastline and historic beaches which makes the Basque Country so famous, to smaller seaside towns like Guethary and even a quick day-trip down to Spain’s buzzing San Sebastian for some much need pintxos.

With our athletes Felicity Palmateer, Josie Prendergast, and Pacha Light in from Australia we celebrated the summer at The Beach House in Anglet with a night of neoprene, watercolor artwork, French floral basket making, summer sips, and cheese platters galore.

We’re going to miss our summer with Sincerely Jules, but always look forward to our next adventures together.

Photos from Kevin Berruuu