• Travel Story: The Color of Barbados

Travel Story: The Color of Barbados

Hello Barbados, the land of fantastic weather, stunning blue waters and incredible palm-tree lined beaches. The easternmost Caribbean island is, if described by one word, vibrant. Hillside homes and large estates are painted pink, yellow, blue, and green and are rooted proudly on the island’s lush landscape. In the city, colorful shops adorn the streets and the locals (Bajans) walk, dress, and speak with buoyancy. Smiles are spread across their beautiful faces and a friendly energetic wave comes only seconds behind. The culture, the colors, the vibe on Barbados is electric.

From coast to coast, the island is considered a premier tropical destination. We spent a handful of days shooting our Summer 2018 campaign on the white sand beaches of Barbados. The natural elements on Barbados are just as vibrant as the culture and boldly painted buildings. There were many moments where we caught ourselves in awe of the bright teal waters and electric blue sky. Green tropical plants burst up from the cool ground and adorn the very earth they come from. Plants and trees are decorated in flower petals of pink, red and orange.

Our first shooting location was Oisten’s Fish Market, on the south side of the island. Known for their fresh seafood and energetic atmosphere, this enthusiastic open-air market was the ideal backdrop to capture the vibrancy of Barbados. We shot against the brightly painted walls while locals strolled by to say hello and ask questions. Even an impromptu dance party broke out with our model, Keilani and a few Bajans. After our shoot, we ate at one of Oisten’s open-air fish restaurants where we chatted with the owner about the island, food, and culture. She served us huge portions of fish, rice and veggies. We left feeling like family.

Barbados is a special place, clearly. The people, the beaches, the colors, the culture… it is all there for you. All it asks for in return is an enthusiastic hello and an eagerness to accept, feel, and live the vibrant island life.

Below is our photo diary, The Colors of Barbados. Enjoy!