• Travel Trips With World Traveler And Model Keilani Asmus

Travel Tips with world-traveler and model Keilani Asmus

With summer, comes the desire to travel. From road trips and weekend escapes to European vacations and tropical holidays, the warm weather coupled with our heart’s longing to explore is giving us some seriously itchy feet. Whether you are packing your trunk or booking a flight to your dream destination, there is nothing quite as exciting as the anticipation of travel. But let’s be real for a minute. Though being able to travel is awesome, it can also be stressful and frustrating at times. If you’ve ever lost a suitcase, dealt with delays, or hit traffic then you know what I mean. Travel can be tricky, and yes, things will go awry. One of the best travel tips I’ve ever received is to be open to mishaps, and to try to deal with annoyances with a smile on your face.

For more travel tips I asked model and major jet-setter Keilani Asmus to share her best kept secrets for seamless traveling. A girl who travels the globe as often as some of us brink coffee, she has been on the move non-stop since she was 18 years old, and still travels two to three times a week. “I usually will be away from home during the weekdays and make it home for the weekend,” she states. She’s been to five of the seven continents and has no intention of slowing down.

Read on to learn her tips so you can travel like a pro (aka: Keilani).

When did you first start traveling?

Immediately. My first modeling job was in Columbus, OH. It was my first time ever flying by myself. I was 18 but didn’t even have a drivers license so I had to go with my birth certificate. My mom walked me all the way to the edge of security; it was such an adorable scene. We are both strong humans, but times like these form us into emotional puddles.

Do you experience travel nerves? How do you cure them?

Not anymore. I used to get hung up on the possibility of the plane crashing to our fiery death. To get over it, I pretended we were in a big bus on the ground. Every time we hit turbulence I simply told myself that we were on a bumpy road.

How do you stay healthy when you travel?

I am so scared of getting blood clots with how much I travel, so I make sure to drink a glass of wine to thin out my blood. I read that somewhere a long time ago and it has stuck with me ever since. Other than that, I always have Vitamin C tabs on me.

How do you keep your skin, hair and self-care routine in check no matter where you go?

I started to get facials every few weeks and it has made all of the difference. My schedule is very busy, so I go to “Skin Laundry” which uses laser light therapy. It’s great because they have a lot of locations in major cities and it only takes 12 minutes.

What are your go-to travel looks?

Anything comfy. Never jeans. Compression socks. At least two layers because it gets so cold in the air.

Do you have any on-the-road workout tips?

I always travel with resistant band loops. One is heavy and the other is medium strength. I tried to bring ankle weights in my bag, but TSA stopped me both times because it probably looked like a bomb. Never again.

Do you have any advice for women who travel alone?

Put on your best New York face. I also learned to put on my headphones right when I sit on the plane. It’s a good way to ensure that you won’t have to indulge the Chatty Cathy next to you.

Favorite place you have ever been?

I lived in Tokyo for a couple months. It’s a whole other world over there.

Had you been to Barbados before? What are some things you loved most about Barbados? Any fun memories?

This was my first time! The people there are incredibly nice. I think that was what really stuck out for me. There was a shot I had to do where I was jumping off of the pier into the water. I am always so terrified to jump off of things, but I could tell they really wanted this shot. I was really excited to face a fear.

Any tips for traveling while on a restricted diet?

I like to collect a bunch of healthy snacks that I find in the stores.

How do you keep your spirits high while constantly traveling?

I learned recently how important a good nights rest is for my emotional health. I always travel with melatonin and ear plugs to make sure I fall asleep. Nothing’s worse than lying in bed wide awake.

What can we find in your bag while you are traveling?

iPad Pro, ear plugs, eye mask, face masks, toiletry bag, clothes, a very informative (but mostly boring) book to help me fall asleep, a book that’s probably about a dystopian society, and a bunch of other boring things like phone chargers and headphones.

What is your number one traveling essential need?

Probably my wireless headphones.

5 essential beauty products for travel?

Vitamin C serum, Tata Harper beautifying face oil, and Caudalie’s face mist. For long flights I like to wear a moisturizing face mask. It’s good to pair this with a huge hoodie! And my advice to anyone flying, is to WEAR COMPRESSION SOCKS.

Have you ever experienced a life-changing moment while you were traveling?

There was never a huge life changing moment, but I have picked up tiny life lessons along the way. I once had a flight that was late, landed into my connecting gate. They closed the door right as I got there. About 20 people were right behind me faced with the same situation. Immediately they surrounded the desk, yelling for the ladies to open the door; she wasn’t budging. As much as I wanted to give my two cents, I quickly realized something. All of these people who missed their flight are eventually going to try to get on the next flight out. So I quickly ran to the nearest customer service counter. Nobody was there because they were busy hanging on to the injustice that was served to them. By the time I was finished changing my flight, I looked back to the now full line of disgruntled people. I learned that day to not let emotions get in the way when I need to find a solution. It’s really hard sometimes, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

If you could go anywhere on earth, where would you go? And with whom?

I want to go to that igloo hotel in Finland with my boyfriend. They have a reindeer farm close by, where they pull you on a sled through the woods! So cool.

What are your five favorite places to travel?

Tulum, Tokyo, Amalfi Coast, Kauai, and any other place with a beach and sun.

What do you love most about traveling?

I love getting to see my best friends, who live in different cities.

Thanks for the tips, Keilani! We’ll catch up with you soon.