After the release of our Fall Surf Capsule video shot in Hawaii set to the sweet sounds of our girls from Hinds, we caught up with these lady-legends hailing from Madrid, Spain for a quick Q&A. Here’s what Carlotta Cosials, Ana Perrote, Ade Martin, and Amber Grimbergen had to say…

The best part of being in an all-girl band?

we chat a lot about everything like the time. could be like hanging around with your friends 24/7. well and also that if you forgot your shampoo for sure someone is gonna lend you the shampoo, conditioner and also some serum if you're lucky haha

Songwriting, what inspires you most right now?

adventures and heartbreaks

What’s the one thing you can all agree on? (most of the time…)

food !! we love food and we all love eating a lot , we really enjoy it. same as beer.

The greatest clothing challenges while on tour?

I mean. sometimes I think those kind of things that my parent used to tell me, like "when I was your age I had to walk 4 miles to meet my friends on Fridays!!". and I think about what I'm gonna tell my children: "when I was your age k had to wake up 2 hours before the alarm to wash my panties with shampoo in a sink of a motel because there was never time for a whole washing machine (or there was never A washing machine) and then I had to put them in the front of the van with everybody seeing them to get them dry. HA !

How would you describe each of your style? Who’s closet is the most enviable?

I think we definitely have different ways of style but we clash in having kind of an uniform so we always wear the same. Ade goes for overalls , Amber for suits and soft fabrics, Ana for high waisted black trousers and me I either do skinny jeans or skirts in summer. and in an emergency case, everyone would have a look in my suitcase looking for help hahah.

Madrid is a bustling city. Ever make it down to the Spain’s famed beaches? For a dip or surf?

of course !! we love the Spanish coast! everything is cheap and beautiful there

One piece or bikini?


We hear your performances create a lot of onstage commotion. What gives?

we've been soooooooo many years in the other part of music that we really try to give in a show what we think it would be the perfect gig.

Any new passport stamps worth bragging about?

Your all girl band is busy, busy. What’s next for you? Where can we see you performing next stateside?

well we just have been in Mexico for the first time!! and we are on our way to Glastonbury right now... the rest of the year seems really really really exciting :)

Are you working on anything new? Any hints…

we are writing new stuff yeah! we want to have more spare time to be able to write but you can't always get what you want.

Best advice your can give to an aspiring young, female musician….

freedom will give you the strength. feel free to do whatever you like and however you want it.

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