• Festival Friendship Bracelets DIY

Festival Friendship Bracelets DIY

Festival season is upon us! It’s when the weather is hot, the music is loud, and the style is on point!

Besides loading up on our festival must-haves, we know that any fetching ensemble is never complete without a wrist adorned with the perfect accessories so if you haven’t guessed already, we’re going to show you how to make a trio of bracelets that will have your friends stealing straight from your wrists. They aren’t called friendship bracelets for no reason!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

- embroidery string (blue or something colorful)

- cowrie shell (get one that is cut so you can slide string through)

- a couple gold beads (make sure they fit snug to the cord)

- small gold hoop for tassel

- wax-based cotton cord (the wax allows to easy tying; and works well with the sliding knots)

1. Using the embroidery string, cut 11 equal pieces about (4.5 inches) long. Loop through small gold hoop and fold around it. Secure together with another piece of string by tying a knot below the base and wrap around several times and secure again with another knot.

2. Insert the waxed string through the center of the Cowrie shell and double knot on backside. Repeat this step for both sides and cut excess string closet to the shell.

3. Loop your tassel on one side, followed by the gold bead and then one gold bear on the other.

4. Now we are going to make an adjustable sliding knot. This will allow you to easily adjust the size of your bracelet. Tie a single knot on one end of the bracelet cord, and with the opposite side, slide the cord end through the open knot and tighten.

5. Using the end you just slid through the knot and tightened, create a single knot like the picture above and tighten. Before cutting the extra cord, make sure you can easily adjust the size of the bracelet and then cut.

Now, make a ton and share them with friends & don’t forget to dance to the music!