• Find the right balance between the heart and the sea

Find the right balance between the heart and the sea

Breathe, Surf, Love

"When I was still doing snowboard competitions I never practiced yoga and today I wonder why. It brings so much to your everyday life. Without a doubt I can tell it would have changed my career. There would have been fewer injuries, less self-doubt, less disappointments and less anger, stress and fear. But it’s never too late and I’m very grateful I finally found my path in yoga.

The first time I practiced yoga I had the same sensations as after a surf session. You can feel your body cooling down and experience the present moment as it is. It takes you deep inside and helps you improve the connection between your body and your soul. For me it was a kind of awakening.

There exists a real synergy between surfing and yoga. Both require the same qualities and practicing one and the other can only help you. They improve your breath, balance, endurance and strength. Most importantly they teach you patience, which makes you more grounded.

Yoga is not only a good workout, it certainly helps you getting fit, but it is also the best way to reach your highest potential through self-discovery. Surfing requires confidence and focus, which yoga can teach you. In the same way you learn humility from Mother Nature when you go surfing, yoga helps create strong bounds with the environment you live in.

But most importantly, yoga changes the way we think and act in life. I really believe that if you practice surfing and yoga, you will be happier, smarter and a better person."

Caroline's Recipes


To improve your endurance for sweaty workouts or long surf sessions try beet juice! Beetroots are high in carbohydrates and antioxidants which will increase your strength and power.

- 1 beetroot - Curcuma - 1 apple

- 2 carrots - 1 lemon

- You can also add fennel

Mango parfait

Mangos are your best friend after a workout! They not only taste delicious but also help building up muscles, ease your digestion, make for a stronger metabolism, deliver you long-lasting energy, repair damaged tissues, and give you a healthy skin. So always pick a surf destination where you can find mangos!

This creamy mango cream is one of my favorites after a surf session:

2/3 cup cashew nuts
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
2 teaspoons of coconut sugar
2 cups chopped mango (2 mango/ 1 frozen)
2 cups berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries) Vanilla

- Blend the water, cashews, coconut sugar, vanilla and lime juice into a very smooth cream (add water if needed)
- Take 3/4 of the cream, add the mango and blend again
- Blend the other part of the cream with the strawberries

Superfood tip: You can add Acai powder for an antioxidant boost! My favorite: Add some homemade granola...