• Galentines DIY: Driftwood Heart Wall Hang

Galentines DIY: Driftwood Heart Wall Hang

Galentines DIY:

How to create a 'Driftwood Heart Wall Hang' 101

With Galentines Day right around the corner, this DIY Driftwood Heart Wall Hang is an absolute must-do and must-have décor piece at the Galentines Day party you'll be throwing to celebrate your best gals.

The craft supplies you’ll need:

-Large scrap of cardboard, approx. 2 1/2 feet long by 2 feet high

-20 to 25 driftwood branches (recommend: 18 inches long or less and 1 inch diameter or less)

-Large tree branch (recommend: 2/13 feet long and 2 to 3 inches in diameter)

-Craft paint, 4 different shades of one color


-White polyester string


-Black marker

7 Easy Steps to add some colorful flare & texture to your wall:

(For details, read below)

Step 1: Clean the Driftwood

Step 2: Outline the Heart

Step 3: Lay Driftwood Over the Template

Step 4: Apply Paint for an Ombre Effect

Step 5: Wrap String around Driftwood Pieces

Step 6: Tie the String to Driftwood Branch

Step 7: Adjust the String Spacing