• Get Cozy With Laura Enever

The newest kid on the Billabong block, Laura Enever, has given us a little peek into her life. Take a scroll through these pics and we promise you will be stalking her on Instagram and dreaming of stealing her wardrobe.

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What's your happy place? Swimming underwater in the ocean is the happiest place on earth! It is the most silent, refreshing place on earth. A pure escape from the world above, where you can let go of everything.. I suggest you go dive in the ocean now :)

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Tacos! I don't think i could get sick of Tacos. Taco tuesday everyday ;)

What do you like to eat before competitions? I love snacking on fruit and nuts before heats anything that gives me more energy than i already have!

What's in your beach bag? Sunglasses, wallet, Phone, Lip Balm, 30+ Sunscreen foundation, bikini!

Most embarrassing childhood fashion statement? Well thats easy! I went through such a tom boy phase when i was 8, i was always hanging out with boys so i pretty much dressed like them too haha.

What's your style in 3 words? bold, edgy, fun

What's your go-to swimsuit style? triangle top and booty shorts!

Do you have any weird, quirky talents? I make really good smoothies, i can talk really fast, i like drawing clothes, i like cutting clothes, sometimes i can rap (sometimes), i love a good cartwheel!

Favorite surfing memory? My first contest on my dads old surfboard, i had to carry that huge thing on my head down to the water!

Earliest surfing memory? Family Camping trips! We would 4WD up deserted beaches and set up tents by the water. We would surf all day and be total beach bums. So fun :)

Which disney princess did you always want to be? I actually always wanted to be Wendy! I was in love with Peter Pan, wanted to fly to NeverEver Land and never grow up!

What music helps you chill out and get relaxed? The XX and The Lumineers... I'm also obsessed with the best of the 90s! All Saints!

What music helps you get pumped for competitions? Florence and the machine ,