• Get Motivated & Get Moving with Courtney Conlogue

Get Motivated & Get Moving with Courtney Conlogue


Have any of you out there ever attempted the Crouching Lion hike on Oahu, Hawaii? Anyone? No? Yea us either. HOWEVER, our surf team rider, Courtney Conlogue, sure did and we're thinking we all need to join her next time...because look at that view!

This hike is like second nature to Courtney though. Her regular workout routines, to keep her fit for her endless surf season, are a mixture of power, stability, and endurance. Courtney enjoys adding a Bosu or Physio Ball to her stability routines, but finds utilizing her own body weight achieves the results she seeks to improve. To gain more power, she likes to incorporate medicine balls, free weights, and weight bars. When it comes to endurance, Courtney strives to push herself past the breaking point. Breaking boundaries gives her the opportunity to evolve and psychically test her own limits. She is the kind of person that likes to continually set new goals, but focus on accomplishing one at a time. Surfing is a dynamic sport that requires physical and mental strength, which is why Courtney enjoys adding new routines and maintaining a fresh mind.

Ready to workout like Courtney? See below!