• Girl's Crush : Earthy Andy

Girl's Crush : Earthy Andy

On her last trip to Hawaii our travel ambassador Sandrine from Sunrise Never Ends had the chance to meet Andrea also known as Earthy Andy and had a total girl crush for this amazing woman, her beautiful family and her healthy way of living.

"I discovered Andrea on Instagram last winter. She lives on the North Shore of Oahu with her husband and their two kids, and lives a life dedicated to nature, wellbeing and healthy food.

The first time I saw Andrea, it was while I was watching the crashing waves of Pipeline. She was running with her youngest son in the stroller along the bike path. If you met Andrea, you immediately have mixed feelings of love and pure jealousy. She’s tall, beautiful, and you can tell immediately that she lives a healthy life.

I really wanted to talk to her so I could know more about her life. Luckily for me, she invited us to talk in her own house. Andrea’s parents are restaurant owners, specializing in burgers. She loves France, which is reflected by her home decor. With her husband and Tama, their eldest son, they spent a year living in Bordeaux. Ira, her second son, was born there and they loved to spend their weekends surfing in Hossegor and Biarritz.

But last year, Andrea had big health issues; she couldn’t digest her food, and developed allergies and asthma. She saw a lot of doctors, and took so many different pills, but nothing worked. Desperate, she decided to eat only what grown from the earth, and to avoid the rest. Goodbye meat and fish, transformed milk... and hello fruits and vegetables!

Miraculously, or perhaps not, she started to feel better. She educated herself by researching books and meeting specialists. If Andrea’s case is an extreme one (as she discovered she is allergic to almost every type of food), she’s unfortunately not the only one that has been affected by our diet and nutrition that has been transformed by big society.

At Andreas’s place now, everything is beautiful, organic and good! She says that what she misses the most is Tahitian style raw fish, but feeling good is easily worth all the sacrifices she has made.

She loves to cook with her sons, teaching them how to respect the nature and be healthy. You won’t find Nutella or Coke in their house, but almost all the vegetables on Earth.

While we were talking, Andrea, helped by her sons Ira and Hilo, made us some delicious homemade acai bowls, proving us that it’s really easy to eat healthy food!

You can follow Andrea on her blog and on Instagram, and be inspired with her healthy recipes, colorful and sunnies plates that make you realize that life is short and that you should take care of your body."



Photo credit : Sunrise Never Ends