• Girl’s Crush : Marina Alonso

Girl’s Crush : Marina Alonso

Where are you from?

I was born in a Mediterranean coastal town close to Valencia, Spain 23 years ago. Moved overseas at 12 to South Korea and the UK. So I've got a bit of a culture sandwich there.

What do you do in life?

I've got a dream job and enjoy life in Byron Bay, Aus.

Manager, model, photographer, you seem to assume many functions during your photoshoots, how can you deal with it?

Cool question! Many people assume I only do modelling. I embraced the whole production process just because it seemed like the most effective way to portray my vision.

I've been editing for fashion magazines and brands for years, but now every single part of the process is visible due to social media etc.

It didn't happen overnight though, 11 years working with the high fashion industry's best photographers, editors, stylists, producers etc. I was constantly surrounded by a wealth of knowledge that I tried to soak up as much as possible. It might not be immediately visible but those experiences had a huge influence over how I conduct myself now.

I enjoy fantasizing around the whole preparations of a campaign but photographing other people is what I love the most ♥️

How would you describe your style?

Pretty tomboyish, lover of all masculine shirts and all things 70s. Bit of an eclectic mix of rock and beach at times hahaha.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Uhmmm, I'm very contradictory.

I'd like to think I'm passionate.

And a bit cheeky. Haha

If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would you be?

My couch in Byron feels really good atm hahaha but I wouldn't mind teleporting myself to Hawaii right now! Yes!

How important are the ocean and the surf culture in your life?

They are the things my life currently revolves around.Somehow, I found the nicest humans to be those that gravitate towards the ocean.

How was your experience with us in the Açores?

One of a kind. I cannot wait for the campaign to come out. It was like a family and friends trip to a dreamy jungle, so many fun and pretty memories. I didn't want to leave the island!

It's one of those things that just doesn't happen twice. I feel the luckiest to be given opportunities like this.

Have you always considered yourself an artist?

Never really!I grew up too close to many really good artists to even consider myself one.

An inspiring account to follow?

@imaginarymagnitude could be a good one. I've got a thing with unobstructed landscapes.

What’s your favourite food?

Traditional korean food.

Your winter plans?

It's summer over here so I have a couple trips planned chasing pretty little waves around the east coast for New Years and another one in Tasmania early next year.

Can you tell us about your best surf experience?

Last September at The Pass surfed next to a whale calf and it was beautiful.

An epic photoshoot?

Actually, another epic shoot was again with the Billabong family in the Pyrenees around a year ago. I probably never laughed so much in my life.

3 things of your Xmas list?

I want a new guitar, but I need new camera gear! Oh wait, and a car! I just got my license!

The most inspiring European city you travelled to?

I think I could name a few but I've got this beautiful childhood memory of the Mont-Saint -Michel in the northwestern coast of France. The interaction between the architecture and the huge tidal movements blew my mind back then.

Your essentials for travelling?

A huge pillow, camera, lots of films, no schedule and if possible, my loved one.

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