• Girl's crush: Caroline Beliard

Girl's crush: Caroline Beliard

Girl's crush: Caroline Beliard - Yoga Teacher & Billabong Active Ambassador

Get to know Caroline Beliard, a traveling and spirited yoga teacher, learn what brought her to yoga, her favorite poses and picks from our new active range.

After having traveled the world for many years as a professional snowboarder Caroline is now running her own yoga studio in the Southwest of France. Her smile is contagious and her classes are not only a source of wellbeing and happiness but also a manifestation of wisdom, flow and love.

Together with her husband Gary, a certified surf instructor, they are organizing international yoga and surf retreats all around the world spreading their openheartedness and positive attitude wherever they go.

When Caroline is not in the classroom you probably meet her at the beach or in the water. She loves surfing as much as she loves being outdoors with her family. Like life the ocean is moving at its own pace and its own rhythm – let it carry you.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to Yoga?

I was a pro snowboarder traveling the world for competition and photoshoots from the age of 15 up until I was 27. I had a lot of injuries so I started yoga to helped me recover. I was more and more into the practice of yoga, so I started doing teacher training and workshops. I started teaching when I stopped snowboarding. Now yoga has become a way of life.

Do you have any favorite Yoga pose?

I'm kind of addicted to the handstand because it's empowering, fun and challenging. I also love coming back into mountain pose because it promotes the experience of stillness and immovable stability.

What does your dream yoga space look like?

My dream yoga space looks like a tree house with a 180° ocean view and with crazy wave out in front. There is the sound of a waterfall in the distance and the smell of the tropical ylang ylang vine in the air.

What does a typical day in the life of Caroline look like?

I wake up around six and start with a two-hour yoga practice. Then I’ll do an hour of outdoor activity be it a surf, SUP or walk. Then I’ll take breakfast with my family before teaching yoga all day long. I get home around 8 pm and I’ll either go to the beach or start cooking. When I'm not in a classroom, I'm in the water enjoying outdoor activities with my family.

You have adopted a very healthy lifestyle. Can you tell us what it brings you in your everyday life?

A healthy lifestyle gives balance. It makes me way happier and a better mother, women, wife, friend and teacher. Also the quality of our thoughts is affected by the food we eat. For me a healthy and conscious lifestyle is the key to happiness.

We know you love surfing, could you tell us about the combination of the excitement of surfing with the relaxation of yoga?

I love to be in the water. The feeling of surfing is the same as after a yoga practice. It's a kind of meditation in movement. I haven't one word to explain this feeling. The words I’d use would be; peace, awake, free, calm blissful, magnificent.

What is your favorite after yoga or after surf snack?

It depends on the season. In winter it’s an almond hot chocolate and in summer an avocado smoothie or a mango with coconut water.

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