• Billabong girls team training trip to Hawaii - Part 1

Hawaiian surf is the benchmark. The beaches there considered a proving grounds for our sport. Billabong team manager’s Sasha and Megan have taken our hottest up and coming Billabong girls surf team riders from all over the globe to the Billabong Pipe House on Oahu, Hawaii for one of a series of training camps.

The girls underwent a testing regime of training, yoga, and healthy eating oh yeah and surf surf surf! In addition to professional coaches, the girls worked with veteran athletes including Keala Kennelly, Maya Gabeira and Rochelle Ballard. Challenged daily by infamous breaks like Rocky Point, Pipeline, and Waimea Bay, these girls came back with more than a killer tan.

Check out the first of a series of four clips. Stay tuned for the release of the following 3 clips in the series and be inspired by the girls lack of fear and enthusiasm to push their limits.