• Gnarly Charlie Surf Series Summer '16

Gnarly Charlie Surf Series Summer '16

Gnarly Charlie is back again with another epic summer surf series! Each event has been averaging 60-80 groms with the largest divisions having been the 6 and under and 10 and under whitewater divisions. Every camp introduces surf contests to the kids and really allows them all to let loose. The contests have taken place as far South as Deerfield Beach, Florida, and as far West as Panama City Beach, Florida and with his camps traveling as far North as Virginia Beach later this month with the majority of contests being held in north central and central Florida. In Gnarly Charlie's camps they really push the importance of good sportsmanship and supporting one another with the groms really enjoying to see who gets the sportsmanship award at the end of each contest. Each camp has had really good surf at our events this year. Our smallest surf was in Panama City, but the kids still went out and did what it took to get the points, and, most importantly, had a blast.

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