Handplanes made by Billabong graphic designer Troy Smit.





Step 1: Researched hand planes online, finding what wood and shapes are best to use.
Step 2: Draw up a templet of your shape. I went with the crescent moon tail because it's your all around wave riding shape good for both big and small waves.
Step 3: Go down to your local hardware store and get some wood. I used pine, because it floats well and goes reasonable price.
Step 4: Draw your shape out on your piece of wood.
Step 5: Rough cut out your shape with a handsaw or a bandsaw if you have one. Make sure to cut about an eighth inch away from your line. You will lose this in the next steps.
Step 6: Shape your hand plane by adding rails and concave to it. You can use a hand planer or a wood chisel to take away bigger amounts of wood. (But be careful once you take it away you can't go back. Less is more here)
Step 7: Fine tune your shape. Now is the time to smooth out your shape with sandpaper. I used a heavy grit to really grind down the shape, it's better to follow with softer grit to smooth it out.
Step 8: Once you are happy with your shape you need to seal it. All websites say to use a mixture of linseed oil and bees wax. But I have found that your top of the line deck sealer works just fine.
Step 9: Handle strap or Grip. I went with the Strap to do this you have two options:  drill two holes and put webbing through and tie a knot on the bottom or do as I did. I went down to my local hardware store got some nice brass wood screws and screwed my strap down
Step 10: ENJOY your project and remember LIFE IS BETTER IN BOARDSHORTS