HEL OF A TIME - A WINTER WITH HELEN SCHETTINI Episode 2 from Billabong on Vimeo.

Part 2 of Hel of a Time has Helen heading to Japan in search for perfect power.  Helen's trip to Japan in this episode paints the perfect picture, with backcountry snowboarding at its finest.  Being on top of the world, lost in the wilderness with nothing but miles of waist deep snow to slash.

Truth is, the backcountry world is filled with uncontrollable elements: avalanches, bad weather, mechanical problems and injuries.  The backcountry can be a harsh deceptive paradise, the only thing Helen can do is be well prepared for the challenging circumstances that await.  Below, Helen gives us a look inside her backpack, where the contents are vital and they could save her life.

24. Probe - This plus the last 2 items (transceiver and shovel) are the 3 items absolutely necessary for backcountry survival. The order of use in case of emergency is to search for the body with a transceiver, then probe (which is a long stick that helps determine the whereabouts and how deep the person may be buried), then use the shovel to get em out as fast as possible!

25. Vest - It's always nice to have extra layers in case it gets chilly.

26. A bright jacket! Photographers and filmers will yell at you if you blend into the surroundings, so wearing a bright jacket will ultimately get you more editorial and photos run in magazines.

Be safe out there!


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