• Helen Schettini's Full Part from Transworld Snowboarding

A little bit of early-season snowboarding video clip to tease us for this winter! Billabong's Helen Schettini Full Part from TWS

- From TWS - "Helen Schettini has made quite a name for herself over the years, rubbing shoulders with some of the top snowboarders from around the world. Picking up tricks and insider knowledge along the way. She spends most of her winter in Whistler, BC driving her truck from her home to the sled launch zone for backcountry access. Helen is no light weight when it comes to the riding. She can charge steep faces and hit big jumps (keep an eye out for the Jackson Hole Road Gap). Although she was not born in the USA she knows every sates capital and if you meet her she might quiz you. Quick what’s the capital of Nebraska?"