• Hello from South Africa

LAURA CRANE - Hello from South Africa

I arrived in South Africa in a small airport called George to be greeted by very warm weather and one of the locals who took us to the local spots. He showed us where to surf and where not to, he showed us all the sharky places so that was some where not to surf  !

Now on our 1st full day we were introduced to Llewellyn Whittaker who gave us some coaching while we were away i learnt a lot from him he also coached the South African team at the worlds last year. We also had a look around Mossel baii all the people were very welcoming and i made some very good friends.

We also spent Christmas in South Africa this was a new thing to my family as we are used to the traditional English Christmas cold and just surfing because you know you should but this year we were up at 6:30 am to get a space at the beach both families were there all day enjoying the warm sun and good surf and we had a Christmas surf in our Santa hats.

The place we surfed mostly was Inner pool, this is a reef break super fun wave and not localised at all, just a few of the older guys that you know you should respect and give waves to.

On one of the day we surfed Heralds bay which was a fun beach breaks myself. Max and Gwen were all a little scared to surf here as we heard it was really sharky,  as we paddled out this fin glided past us, obviously we all think it’s a shark!  But as our capetonian friend Rigard Smit who was also having some training with Llewellyn reassured us it was a dolphin!! His laughter could be heard in the next bay! He then told us that if there are dolphins around then you are safe!!! so that reassured us.

To see more of the wild life in our two weeks we went on a safari where we saw loads of amazing animals that we would never see in the UK , we also went shark diving because all the Africans said that it would make it easier for me in the water if i faced my fear of the creatures and i wouldn’t be so worried about it because i could see how they act in their own habitat.

We also surfed a break called Diaz we surfed here to get some heat drill training in before the worlds in New Zealand which is now only 1 week away WISH ME LUCK !!!....................

Love Laura xxxx

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