• Home is where the Art is. Inside Lindsay Perry's home

Home is where the art is...take a trip to Lindsay Perry's Oceanside Abode and read about her cross-country trip making the west coast her new home away from home.

Time and time again, we’ve heard the old saying, “There’s no place like home” tried-and-true, this will always remain the same. Familiar objects, sentimental pieces of nostalgia and photos that have the ability to freeze a moment, often decorate our four corners.

For as long as I can remember, my roots have always been in Florida so I never really planned on moving from my New Smyrna Beach abode.. But after months and months of not seeing my home, due to travel, I decided it was time to sew roots somewhere else that would make more sense for my lifestyle.

Back in April, I ended up finding the perfect apartment, in Oceanside, CA. Soon after, I flew back east, bought a 97’ Jeep Cherokee from a buddy of mine and began the packing process on Mother’s day. I loaded up the Uhaul trailer and headed out the following morning.

The initial thought of driving across the country by myself seemed pretty exciting… Or so I thought. To say this was one of the most self enduring missions I’ve ever considered making, is an understatement. Heavy rain, flooding and extreme elements covered nearly 5 states on this journey.. I took a break from the weather to make a stop in Austin, TX, saw some friends and was back on my way soon after.

After an entire day of driving west from Austin (Texas may be the single most intense state to drive through, known to man), I kept on moving to California. I arrived on May 18th and began the moving in and decorating process of my new California home.

I couldn’t be more grateful for this little beach apartment…. And so here’s how I express what home means to me..