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Taylor Godber is from Whistler B.C, a place that grew her into the rider she is today. There is something about your home slopes that at each turn bring you back to your first days of getting on a snowboard. As you mature and excel in the sport your feet feel at home no matter how long it has been, as you glide down passing the trees that have grown just as you have. We went home with Taylor and she showed us this special place she calls H O M E. Describe Whistler and what it means to you?
"To me Whistler is a place that sets my heart on fire, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A place where I’m lucky enough to call home in the months where the snow flakes fall from the sky." What are the feelings you get when you spend a day on the Mountain here. "The mountains are one of the places on this planet where I feel like I belong. The excitement of nerves and steadiness of inner - focus of standing on top of line ready to drop in and the stinging sensation of hiking across a ridge at the mercy of the elements are experiences that the general public may not categorize as comfortable. But the essence of feeling so small admits so much humbling power that is exuded from the mountains is one of my happy places. It pulls you into “being here now” and there is no better state that living the moment." What would you compare the feeling that you get when being home with? "Being home is wherever you arrive to and are able to settle into the moment and feel completely content exactly where you are. It’s where the mind is clear and the heart is full."
How important is home to you? "Having somewhere to be quiet and reorganize my thoughts is important to me. And of course community. This place is filled with my best friends and family, its the people that draw me home just like the mountains." Do you find the culture being centered around the outdoors? "Yes this culture is marked by being in the mountains. Snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, camping, anything outdoors is what draws people to make this place their home. Everyone here loves the outdoors and has a passion for this place and all the activities you can take part in to enjoy it." Thanks Taylor for letting us go home and see the place that is deep within your soul. It was a beautiful reflection of you and shows how you have become the snowboarder and person you are today. Scroll through to see the scenes of Whistler B.C.