• How to make a wind chime with Lindsay Perry

There’s nothing better than trying to revamp your favorite old beach pants and severely butchering them.. This not being my first time, I decided to get crafty with my remnants. Now that spring/summer is upon us here in Florida, I’ve been doing some redecorating to the outside of my little beach house to enjoy my time outdoors while I’m home. Here’s a DIY guide to making a mixed medium wind chime with all those mismatch pieces you’ve got layin’ around ;) Enjoy!

What You'll Need (see above):

This can literally be anything you want. From seashells, to sea-glass, old charms, necklaces, etc. I chose to use some super vintage Newfoundland sea-glass I found on my last trip, my favorite Billabong beach pants and some old jewelry. I acquired the wood from a burn pile at my neighbors.. (you can find this anywhere outdoors.. just make sure there are no bugs in it!!) You’ll need a drill or screw driver, pliers, scissors (to cut your fabric and hanging chord with).. hemp or any sort of rope you can find, 2 screws and some small nails or tacks (you can get little picture frame hanging kits at any DIY store. This will have all the hardware you need). Also, jewelry eyelets (this is optional but I recommend them for securely hanging your charm pieces)