• I am at the gym

Vidativa?...whats that you ask, it’s a Gym…now I know exactly what your thinking, what in hell does a Gym want with me….well im not sure if its the double chin or the love handles as to why they were so generous to help me out...but for whatever reason the guys at Vidativa are hooking it up, it’s a huge gym here in Salvador, all the bells and whistles. Here in brazil its not uncommon for the gyms to sponsor/support athletes, im only in town for a few weeks but they have offered full support and training while im here. So each night after my cheese pizzas n coke I make the most of it, sweeting it out like a pre-teen on redtube….i get right in there with the no neck steroid munches, marking my territory with deep distinct man moans with each bicep curl, securing myself in the pecking order of this ever so lucrative gymnasium.... Righto enough of the bullsh*t…where was i…

Right…Sao Paulo, massive city, crazy traffic, a place you don’t really want to spent much time, however the coastline is a different story, a few years ago I spend some time at a place called Maresias, its about 3 hours from the city of Sao Paulo, small coastal town that lights up with hundreds of people each weekend from the city,the place is beautiful….Maresias is famous for 2 things. Serina, crazy night club.. go. The 2nd thing is Piuba, a wave famous for breaking the neck of a pro surfer years ago, it’s a crazy right wedge…I surfed it a few years ago and it was mental, 2 weeks ago I seen solid south swell romping up the coastline,being exactly what it needs, me and a brazo friend made the journey down to Sao Paulo then out to the coastline, the trip there is another storey in itself, but I love the challenge of a foreign language, its just a different world over here, some of the shit I see here on a daily basis it just nuts.

To cut a long story short,so I don’t leave you bored sh*tless, the trip ran smooth, bouncing wedges for 4 days straight, packed our sh*t and bailed home before the weekend erupted in Maresias.

Right now im back in Salvador Bahia, back sucking on coconuts and punching it out on the bench press….ill be here for another few weeks, so stay tunned, up next on the blog ill give you a little day in the life situation, try and capture some of the physical and emoshional dramas that I battle through on a daily basis here….kkkk essooooooo!!!!

Viva Braazzzzoooooo!!!