• I want to give you some Churchills... But first

'Style is everything'. - Michael Jordan
Does it really matter what colour fins you wear when you're surfing? ...

it shouldn't, but i have two pairs of Churchill Swimfins the exact same shape, one the original colour blue and yellow and the other black and orange. But why does it feel so different when you put them on.

For over 6 years I've been wearing the traditional blue and yellow, and I'm thinking its time for a change. I'm leaving it up to you guys to decide if i should stay with the blue and yellow ( that I'm really comfortable with) or make a change to the black and orange. its up to you guys..
... I'm also giving away a new pair of fins to a random voter!! So give me a colour preference and a reason why... whatever makes me laugh or think the hardest wins!
Just drop your comments below and make sure you put in your email address because if you don't I can't tell you if you've won.