• Adventures in India: Part One

Written by Lauren Hill as she travels through India for the Beyond the Surface Film.

Travel is a mirror that reflects us back to ourselves. The stripping away of creature comforts, routine and familiarities creates opportunities for revealing our truths.

India is a country steeped in contradiction; it is confronting and perturbing, but also deeply moving and magical.

India’s myriad saturated colors hint at the variety of cultures and philosophies that call the subcontinent home. More than one billion people live here; a seventh of Earth’s human population. Christians, Muslims, and Hindus all dwell amongst one another, and mostly peacefully.

The surfers here are patient and full of stoke. They wait with baited breath for swells to finally filter in. India’s young surf scene is sweet and endearing. Although our cultures are so very different, surfing brings us together and automatically bonds us a sea kin.

photo 15 Behind the scenes of shooting the Beyond the Surface film.