• Wavelength Magazine: Inside the Mind of Frederico Morais

Wavelength Magazine: Inside the Mind of Frederico Morais

The boys at the UK-based Wavelength Magazine, one of Europe's oldest and best known surf mags, did a recent profile of Billabong athlete Frederico Morais and gained some insight into what the mind of a CT-caliber surfer is like at any given point. The interview came off the back of a tough Margie's Pro showing for Freddy who exited after the 2nd round. He's currently tearing it up at Bells so he's clearly bounced back from a difficult event and is in a good head space. Here are a few nuggets from the Wavelength interview -

On exiting a competition early:

It's hard, you’ve just got to look at it and try and learn and make the most of it, which sometimes is really hard because you want to win every comp. But you can’t get down because if you start thinking negative and tripping because you lost, that’s even worse.

On the state of European surfing:

Hopefully with us qualifying now it’s going to give more hope and more hunger for other Europeans to qualify, because I think the surfing is there. On the QS everyone surfs really good, but you just have to surf that 1% difference and then you’re in. You’ve just got to really want it and have that desire to qualify to make the difference, otherwise you’ll just be another guy grinding.

On the shift from being a raw talent surfer to being a dedicated professional and qualifying for the tour:

I think raw talent nowadays is not enough. You can see it in the fact Adriano [De Souza] won a world title, he’s an amazing surfer but he’s not the most naturally talented surfer but he won the world title and and he deserved it. That year he was the best surfer in the world, every comp he got there a week early and was just grinding and working really hard and really focused and that’s what makes a difference - the work, because there are so many talented guys, but sometimes that bit of work is missing.

Click here for more of Freddy's interview with Wavelength and join us in wishing him good luck during the rest of Bells!