• Jack and His Comeback in Rio

Jack and His Comeback in Rio

All Photos and Interview Courtesy of WSL

It's hard enough to get on the World Tour these days, and once you're there, staying on is just as hard. Jack Freestone started his first year on the World Tour with an injury in a free surf shortly after his debut event at Snapper. For Jack, it was a matter of rehabbing as quickly as possible and staying confident mentally.

Jack did exactly this, and came back fresh for the Rio Pro, beating the odds and nabbing himself a second place finish. What a way to make his mark. Here's a short interview on Jack making his first few heats of the year in Rio en route to a finals birth.

WSL: How is it coming back from injury to make the first heats of your CT career?
Jack Freestone: Well being where I am now, it's really good coming back. It feels like this is the start of my year. I got to surf one event and got hurt, and sat the next two out, so I didn't get the start I wanted to. I then had to watch for two events, which was really hard, but I guess it was a blessing in disguise because I came back maybe a little bit hungrier.

WSL: What was it like to have to be on the sidelines for a bit?
JF: Mentally, to watch someone else be where you should be, it's pretty hard. But in saying that, it made me really want to come back and do well.

WSL: How did you prepare to get back in the game?
JF: There was no real preparation. I literally started surfing again a week before this event. I had been out for eight weeks and then just got straight into it.

Next up for Jack and the team is Fiji in just over a week's time. We'll be watching closely, so good luck guys!