• Jamaica Is The Place To Be - A Look Into Our Island Adventure for Spring 17

Our Jamaica Travel Surf Story

A Look Into our Island Adventure for Spring 2017

Adventure was calling. Days spent chasing warm, turquoise waves and soaking under tropical sun rays was on our radar. We spun a globe and pointed, and lucky for us, we ended up on Jamaica. We were packed and ready to lay back, relax and let the good vibes roll in true Jamaican fashion. We flew into Kingston, Jamaica and took a stunning, yet wild, drive to the tiny, isolated town of Port Antonio. With spirits free and hair blowing in the jungle air, we drove through the windy roads of “Junction Road” to get there. We stayed in a haven, called Hotel 'Mocking Bird Hill', surrounded by bamboo forests and unrivaled vistas, with breathtaking views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea and local home cooked meals that made us feel like we had found a new home in the remote Jamaican jungle. With plenty of space to unwind and relax in the spacious, breeze-cooled rooms that were awash with natural light thanks to the large plantation shutter doors and windows which give the rooms their classic Caribbean feel.

Rise in the morning and smile with the sun, the sound of a steel drum and the call of a friendly neighbor. From the taste of fresh fruit and the warmth of a tropical sky, to the feel of a new tan line and a pair of still-wet sandals, Jamaica is everything you expected and all the things you didn’t. Of course there are white-sand beaches and reggae dance parties, but the rest you have see to believe: secret coves, craggy coastlines, barefoot adventures and turquoise waves so long and clear they practically beg for a party. So paddle in, dive under, ride out, and cross-step across your board until you’re laughing so hard you wash up on the sand. Yet it was so much more than the raft cruises on the crystal-clear Blue Lagoon, the glassy surf breaks of Boston Bay Beach or visits to the regal Jamaica Palace Hotel - it was the spirit of the people that made Jamaica so hard to leave.

So bring your bikinis (like the 'Pixi Petal Banded' Bikini Top or the 'Tribe Time Fixed Triangle' Bikini Top and sandals and don’t worry about a thing because every wave is going to be alright.

It’s impossible not to smile and enjoy Jamaica. Then again, maybe it’s just something in the water.

Photography: @ulrichknoblauch_ @morganmaassen