• Laura Crane's Bikini Kinda Life in Bali

Laura Crane's Bikini Kinda Life in Bali

Bali, my Tropical winter bliss, this is now my 3rd visit to Bali and somehow i have fallen more in love with this special place so far away from home, although it is at a total opposite end of the spectrum from my usual secure European life at home, there is also so many things that i see that are so similar to my home town, this year i have spent a lot of time in the town of Canggu, it is a small beach town where everything revolves around surfing coffee and socialising, swap the coffee for tea and I’m basically right at home .

The local community is so tight there because everyone more or less shares the same passion for the ocean and beach so everyone just lives in perfect rhythm with each other. So with super fun waves some of the best food spots in the world and a beautiful community of well rounded and interesting people it is easy to see why i spent so much of my trip here .

However i was adamant to see some more of Bali, so i got a boat to the "paradise island" of Nusa Lembongan, arriving to the small island was like something off of Pirates of the Caribbean, we sailed out of the clouds of Bali and through the other side was this ridiculously luscious green island surrounded by crystal blue water, it was literally like stepping in to Nania ahah .

I spent 1 week on the island, being time after time blown away by its truly natural beauty .

It is by far the most untouched place that i have ever been to, as everything from a bottle of water to a house brick has to be bought over by boat from Bali.

While there i surfed fun waves at a break called Shipwrecks, went stand up paddling, boarding snorkelling, saw some awesome fish and swam with manta rays, i also stayed in the most amazing villa on this planet.

I then headed back to Bali where i spent some time with great friends surfed lots, shot lots of photos and just had a all rounds awesome time of fun in the sun .

Thanks for another amazing trip bali you truly are the bomb .

Next stop is Thailand where i will be visiting a orphanage, which i am super excited about .