• Laura Crane, Hawaii and Cali

Laura Crane, Hawaii and Cali

Laura Crane, in Hawaii and Cali

From Laura - "Hula skirts, coco nuts and ukuleles, yes i have been in Hawaii.

3 and a half weeks on the North Shore of Oahu is any surfers dream, warm crystal blue water and perfect waves is what you have to deal with.

I spent 3 weeks surfing all day seeing beautiful sights meeting amazing people and eating incredible food.

I surfed every single day bar 1 or 2, when it was huge, my favourite waves were Velzyland, Laniakea, and Ehukai (beach park) i was super lucky that there was only a few days that were way too big for me.

When those days did come it wasn’t exactly the end of the world, one- it gave my little arms a rest and two it gave me chance to see some other aspects of Hawaiis enchanting beauty, my favourite bit had to be the hike we did up the mountain behind pipe, it was such a cool walk, all among the trees not seeing any thing until you reach the top and are greeted with the most amazing view over the whole North Shore.

The other amazing thing about Hawaii is the amazing food some of which i can only relate with the island, for me there are 2 snacks that i love the most, those being Ahi Poke (raw tuna) and Pytiya (dragon fruit), they were my two favourite after surf snacks.

Sadly my trip had to come to an end in Hawaii which is always sad to leave such an amazing place but i was also excited to start my next adventure in California.

I started my trip in L.A where i went to all the cool places from Hollywood for some christmas shopping, Venice (drank amazing coffee in super cool organic cafes), and Santa Monica where i spent hours in thrift shops, from there i headed to Santa Barbara where i scored super fun waves, and hung out with old friends.

My next stop was around 5 hours north to a place called the Yosemite National Park, i was so excited for this part of the trip even if i was a really long way from the ocean.

The park was beautiful with huge trees, the average height bigger that the statue of liberty there was also some amazing wild life bears and deers.

After a short trip in the park i headed to San Francisco a city that i had wanted to visit for years and it didn’t disappoint, its a beautiful city i just wish i had a little more time too spend there, i did have time to see all the obligatory things tho like the golden Gate bridge, some awesome street art and some crazy streets , i also tried some of the local food which was really nice even if the portions were enough to feed a family.

Sadly after San Francisco my trip was over but i was super excited to be heading back to the UK for Christmas with the family.

See a more detailed blog with more photos of the fun i had at my blog: vivir como crane".