• Lindsay Perry 'So Far So Good' Road Trip

Lindsay Perry 'So Far So Good' Road Trip

Summer is in full swing and the open roads are calling.

It’s never to late to grab a friend and go on the road trip you have been dreamin’ up for quite some time now. Everyone deserves a little getaway – where you can adventure with no agenda, stay up a little later, run wild and free, and take the time to explore places and things that inspire you.

When adventure is calling, Lindsay Perry is first in the car. The thought of dirty boots, wild hair, and a carefree mind has got her eager to take off. With the windows down and music blastin’, you are sure to wish you were in the passenger seat accompanying her on her Wild West adventure to Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Keep your travel bug itchin’ and let Lindsay tell you firsthand of all her must sees, best eats, and favorite places to stay during her travels West. Continue reading below to get Lindsay Perry's personal travel story, killer playlist, and stunning lookbook from her western adventure - you will find yourself daydreamin' of where you are headed next.

Photography: Grant Puckett