• Lobitos, Peru, with Emi Koch

Lobitos, Peru, with Emi Koch

Billabong Ambassador Emi Koch's small nonprofit, Beyond the Surface International, has taken her across the high seas on youth empowerment projects applying playful energy through surfing as an innovative mediumfor positive social change. In all her travels to vibrant villages and colorful communities, one pueblo sets itself apart as a place overflowing with energy: Lobitos, located in Northern Peru.

Decades ago, Lobitos was taken over by the Peruvian military and more recently, the mafia, various oil companies exporting petrol to China, and the surf tourism industry. The wind is relentless, flames from the power plants make for unearthly lighthouses along the shore, the earth is sucked dry by oil drills, and swells consistently pound the shore.

Follow Emi’s journey to Lobitos as she helps their society for the greater good.