~the H O M E series~

Home is where you get back to the core, the scaffolding, of who you are. It’s the place where you find your people and your inner child comes out, where you test your limits, re-center and drink your favorite coffee, where you know the terrain with your eyes closed, and feel most essentially You. We partnered with six female snowboarders whom we admire, and followed them back to their home peaks, parks, slopes, and firesides in an exploration to find out what Home means, and where they find it.

As the snowboard season grabbed a hold of this journey we found ourselves in Tahoe and Mammoth, from Whistler, BC to Nagano, Japan, all the way to the Swiss Alps and then Argentina. It’s been a wild time and yet comforting to see the way these snowboarders hold their sense of place so deeply. We were welcomed with open arms and fresh powder, couches to sleep on and stories to share. If there is one thing we found everywhere we went, it’s that home is where you shred.

Maddie Mastro | Home Series

Mammoth Lakes, California.

Maddie caught up with us on what Mammoth home. Follow her story below and fall in love with the place that shaped her into the snowboarder she is today.

"I’ve been coming to Mammoth since I was 6 years old on family trips in our trailer, we’d spend all day on the mountain from first chair to last, having soup and chocolate for lunch. Over all these years it’s become a home base for my snowboarding and for my life. My entire family snowboards, my dad taught me how to ride and I spent the rest of my childhood chasing my brother down the mountain."

How would you describe Mammoth and the community there?

"Mammoth is the kind of place that revolves around being outside and being active. I spend my winters here and make an annual trip with my girlfriends in the summer. The community here is wildly versatile and constantly active no matter the time of year, but snowboarding is a massive part of the culture. Mammoth has world-class terrain from park to pipe to powder."

What does being HOME mean to you?

"Being home is a combination of two of my favorite feelings: being able to enjoy my favorite food and the comfort of my own bed. It’s such an important place for me, snowboarding keeps me on the road for long stretches of time, so I greatly value the time there with my parents and puppies. I owe a lot to this mountain. It’s exposed me to so many different types of riding, there is no way I’d be the rider I am today without it.

Scroll below to see views from Maddie's home in Mammoth.

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