• Macramé table sets DIY

Macramé table sets DIY

Here's the latest : a special XMAS DIY made with love by Julie Eye See.

For the occasion she thought up these little macramé table sets to decorate your Christmas tables. You can use them to put plates or decorations on, etc.

She's tried to simplify them as much as possible so they're easy to make!

Have fun!


List of materials :

- 1 ball of string (3mm thick, in hardware stores or haberdasheries, length: 20/30 metres, it's best to have 2 balls)

- 1 pair of scissors

- 1 thin straight stick (or another thin support around twenty cm long)

Start by cutting 14 170cm strands of string and attaching them to the stick as in the photo :

Take a 40cm piece of string and make a knot at the end. Now you're going to make a line of loops :

TECHNIQUE: Loop this piece of string around each of the 28 strands twice, making loops around each one once from left to right and a second time from right to left.

Do the loops tightly enough around the string so that the line is flush to the wood and is nice and straight. Do the same thing all the way along to get a nice line of loops.

When you get to the end, go back in the other direction just below making a second line. Make a knot and cut off the excess string.

Now you're going to make 13 rows of reef knots. Once again I've explained the method step by step below.

TECHNIQUE: The reef knots are made using 4 strings; the two strings in the middle don't move, the knot is made using the first and last string.

The knot is made in two steps :

- a first knot; (the first two photos) with the 1st string, the one on the left, you're going to go OVER OVER UNDER, then the 4th string comes back into the loop round the back (first photo). Make the knot directly under the loop row.

- a second knot; identical but start with the 1st string, now on the right; thread it OVER OVER UNDER, then the 1st string comes around behind into the loop. TIGHTEN.

Make a complete row of knots, then start a row below, starting with the 3rd string.


Once the 1st row is finished, leave the first two strands to one side (as in the photo below), then make another row of knots. Just keep repeating; every other row, leave the first two strands to one side and pick them up again in the next row.

This is what it should look like once you've completed all 13 rows.

To get this finish, you need to tighten all the knots equally to get nice straight lines!

Last step :

You're going to make a final line of loops, as at the start.

When you've finished, using the scissors, cut the loops of the strands in order to free the macramé from the stick :

To get a bit of texture, manually unravel the fringes :

Now you've managed to do one, you can do as many as you want, even varying the size and shape...


And if you want to get away from it all... there's no better occasion on which to put these little macramé sets to use. The countryside and the atmosphere on the pier lend themselves perfectly to tea with friends... So this morning Sandrine and I wrapped up warm.

Photography : Sandrine from Sunrise Never Ends