• Paul Roach has still got it

Ok...Remember when you were a kid surfing your local spot always imagining your favorite guy tearing the place apart, well for me growing up it was Paul Roach
Paul Roach
Roach, is the reason i picked up a bodyboard, for anyone who doesn’t know who Roach is, first off all slap yourself and take a good hard look in the mirror, the guy is hands down the best bodyboarder in the world.

He just spent the past week on the gold coast with me filming for his section on my movie, in between necking beers and smoking durries Roach went to toooooown on the waves, out of hand, I was literally screaming watching this guy surf. 4 days of sick left wedges, at a place I grew up surfing my whole life, always wondering how much Roach would kill it there….and well..Roach confirmed  what I already knew, hes the most talented guy to ever pick up a bodyboard….

In 4 days, roach filled 4 tapes with mental footage,see you got to understand to get roach on film even riding a bodyboard these days is a feat in itself, so to have him in wedging 4 foot lefts….well all I can say is look forward to seeing the craziest Roach section in years.

After the week on the Goldy we heading down to foster for an expression session at the DK event, waves were small but clean but really good to see all the DK guys hanging out talking trash

Right now im back on the Goldy, got hours of Roach footage to log and ive never been more amped on bodyboarding.