• Maya Gabeira rewarded at the Billabong XXL Awards

Maya Gabeira (Brazil) maintained her straglehold on the $5,000 Billabong Girls Best Overall Performance Award by winning the category for a third consecutive year. The 22-year-old has continually pushed the boundaries of female big wave surfing over the past 12 months, basing herself in the Hawaiian island and chasing swell around the world with tow partner Carlos Burle. « Even though this is my third time winning, I still feel nervous and I am super stoked to be here every year, », said Maya. « This is very rewarding as all the other big wave riders are voting on it, so being here tonight and winning again means a lot to me ». Congrats Maya! [caption id="attachment_1657" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Click picture to enlarge"]