• Meet Aelan Vaast

Borned and raised in Tahiti, Aelan is living the life that most teenagers can only dream of. She comes from a surfing family and is the sibling of Kauli, one of the best up and coming surfers of the island who has paved the way for her.

At only 12 years old, she already surfs mythic waves like Teahuppo, Small Pass and many more secret spots in the area. She displays a very mature surfing level for her age and feels comfortable riding the dangerous reefs spots around home, enjoying at the same time one of the most beautiful places on earth where swimming in turquoise lagoons with dolphins, turtles and sharks is a daily routine.

Get to know her a little better with this interview.

What is your hometown ?

My home town is Teahupoo on the island of Tahiti, I call it my paradise..




12 years old.

Major accomplishments

Surfing perfect 5 feet waves at Teahupoo.

Your perfect day

My perfect daywas at Teahupoo surfing and sharing some waves with Bethany Hamilton last month.

Coolest place you've ever been

Tikehau in the Tuamotu Islands, this place is just amazing, it’s a paradise : coral reef, perfect right, turquoise lagoon, coconut trees,…

When I was young I wanted to be…

A veterinary to take care of all the animals on earth.

My secret talent is

I dont know if it’s a talent but I’m pretty shy, I prefer listening and watching people than talking.

Songs on repeat right now

« Shot reverse shot », this is the songof my first edit and I love it.

Favorite surf spot

Te Ava Iti : it is a reef break just in the front of my house, when I wake up I can see it through our coconut trees.

Bikini or one piece ?

I like wearing both but one piece is better in big waves cause I don’t loose it easily !

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, it would be :

The Tahitian food « poisson cru » with coconut milk and french fries.

Your sport routine

Surfing after school and the week-end, learning spearfishing and one day per week I practice Taekwondo.

Your essentials for travelling :

My Billa Bikinis, my EQ sun protection (smell so good !!!) and my Phone to always keep contact with my family. And for sure : my bangle lucky charm (bracelet with black pearl).

Your favorite social media :

Instagram is my favorite social media, for sharing pictures with friends, keeping in touch with sponsors and family. It’s a good way to discover new people and new cultures.

Your next trip :

It will be in New Caledonia, a French Island close to Australia where my mother was born. Can’t wait to be there !