• Meet Chani Michaux

Meet Chani MICHAUX, who just won the title of best non-sponsored rider at the Sista Session contest and of a one-year clothing sponsorship with Billabong Girls!

"Coming from the far far land of Argentina, I’ve double seasoned for 5 years, been a snowboarder for 10 and madly in love for about 3. Since then, snowboarding is my life and what I live for. Constantly in search of new feelings with the help of creativity, and of course, friends are the final ingredients to make it a blast. Addicted to presses, spins, flying and long pieces of metal. Trying to keep myself strapped as long as possible, trying to push myself harder as long as it’s not horrible. Natural habitat: the parks - hate to admit it but I end up there anyways; Powder days are the exception. Other hobbies like comps, traveling, yoga, web design, editing, watching videos, Internet geeking, fernet branca and dancing with the girls are done in a regular basis.

At home in Bariloche, the first girl comps started a couple of years ago and from then an incredible gang was formed. This made us realize by riding together we push each other in a different way than with guys and its extremely fun.

Last year, together with a friend, we came up with Girls That Ride Productions, an only girls event organization. In September 2009, Chichas Trabajando Freesession took place with more than 30 girls registered. It was amazing to see it become true. Smiley faces with hands full of gifts, the excitement in the atmosphere, and above all it’s a pleasure for me to encourage the female riding in our country. Since Chicas Trabajando was a success, other opportunities and ideas came up for future events in other ski resorts. We are already working on it and got so much ahead for 2010, I just can’t wait for the season to begin!

This European season, unlike last one, I decided to travel a bit and start competing. Wasn’t sure if I would like comps here, but I found myself enjoying them a lot. The pressure of other girls doing sick tricks motivates me so much to go for it and, by the way, it’s a great fear repellent. Nikita Chikita, Sista Sessions and Ladylike have been the best riding days so far this season and I’m looking forward with excitement to Thyon and Rukka!

I also would like to thank Billabong for the chance they are giving me to be one step closer to the dream.

So, see ya'll on the slopes and if not, keep it sweet and have a happy ride!"

Check her pictures and profile here.