Coline, Stéphanie, Dorothée, Audrey and Julie are five happy, dynamic and sportive women. Young mums, keen surfers and successful businesswomen, they all they share one precious passion: the ocean and the art of riding waves. Be it beginners, advanced or experienced surfers each has their own story with the ocean and love the feeling of being in the water with their two feet on a board.

They initially met on the net and ended up creating a 100% female surfers Facebook group. Then after a few surf sessions together, the created EllesSurf. This is a group dedicated to the friendly side of surfing. The women realized that, like them, women from different backgrounds could create social ties bases around their passion for the ocean.

Through Elles Surf they could share advice, improve their surfing together and bring diversity to the line up all the while with one major focus… having fun! The aim to is encourage other girls who have been afraid to try surfing to give it a go knowing their shared experience will lead to a good time in the ocean.

Now consisting of more than 240 members from Brittany to Spain the members take part in surf, fitness and yoga sessions, surf trips, workshops, BBQs, rubbish pick-up projects, and much more.

Whether it be soft board, bodyboard, longboard or shortboard, every girl is welcome. If you want to share funny moments and be part of the crew, click on the following link: https://www.ellessurf.com/#!adhesion/c24ju

The motto is: the more, the merrier!

As a great introduction EllesSurf is organizing an evening party on Saturday night, May 27th at the Heads, in Les Bourdaines in Seignosse. If you’re around, make sure you stop by. The Billabong team will be there to meet all the team and have some fun. You also have the chance to win the new Billabong Surf Capsule as part of the door prize.

Hope to see you there!

Website | www.ellessurf.com

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