• mitch rawlins launches own board label

Its always been a dream of mine to start my own brand. Have team riders, team trips, sponsor local and world tour contest. Dreams of making the sport bigger and better so everyone can see that bodyboarding is actually a great sport right up there with surfing. So as of today I have started my own brand called Found boards. It's the start of a vision I have been carrying for quite some time now. I am going into Found boards head first with total commitment in making it work. I have taken quite a lot of risk in the water and this is probably the biggest out of the water, it's a new challenge I'm taking on and one I am looking forward to. My aim is to be uncompromised in the quality of Found boards and its products that's my promise to you. There is going to a lot of exciting times coming up that I want you all to be apart of so I hope you can join me In my vision to make bodyboarding what it should be.

Mitch Rawlins